Undergraduate Degrees

Faculty of Business and Management Studies

\r\nBABC Bachelor of Business Computing: Duration 3 years\r\nBAIB Bachelor of International Business Administration: Duration 3 years\r\nBABA Bachelor of Business Administration: Duration 3 years\r\nBEBM Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Management: Duration 3 years\r\nBAMM Bachelor Marketing Management: Duration 3 years\r\nBAPS Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies: Duration 3 years\r\nBHRM Bachelor of Human Resource Management: Duration 3 years\r\n

Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

\r\nBAST Bachelor of statistics: Duration 3 years\r\nBACE Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Duration 3 years\r\nBACS Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Duration 3 years\r\nBAIT Bachelor of Information Technology: Duration 3 years\r\n

Faculty of Education

\r\nBAED Bachelor of Arts with Education: Duration 3 years\r\n

Faculty of Humanities

\r\nBAAT Bachelor of Arts Degrees: Duration 3 years\r\nBADS Bachelor of Development Studies: Duration 3 years\r\nBAEC Bachelor of Economics: Duration 3 years\r\nBAGC Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling: Duration 3 years\r\nBAEM Bachelor of Environment Management: Duration 3 years\r\nBAPA Bachelor of Public Administration: Duration 3 years\r\nBAMA Bachelor of Mass Communication: Duration 3 years\r\nBASA Bachelor of SW. and SA: Duration 3 years\r\nBDIR Bachelor of Diplomacy and International Relations: Duration 3 years\r\nBAIH Bachelor of Local Governance and Human Rights: Duration 3 years\r\n

Institute of Industrial Art and Design

\r\nBIAD Bachelor of Industrial Art and Design: Duration 3 years\r\nBIED Bachelor of Industrial Art and Des with Ed: Duration 3 years