Faculty of Industrial Art and Design

The Faculty of Industrial Art and Design runs programmes in Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting and Textiles.

The major concern of our programmes is to integrate the use of various raw materials to design alternative and quality artefacts for the competitive market. Our programmes are intended to concentrate on the use of modern technology in the design process of products. Students are equipped to design and produce artefacts that would not only please and entertain but would indeed be functional and instructional.

Essentially, our graduates can set up their own industries to produce high quality artefacts for both the local and the international markets, and at the same time provide employment for others. It is planned that the Industrial Art Programmes undergo periodic modification in order to meet modern trends of technological advancement.

Our programmes


  • Bachelor of Industrial Art and Design
  • Diploma in Industrial Art and Design
  • Certificate in Industrial Art
  • Certificate in Human Resource management
  • Certificate in Guidance and counselling
  • Certificate in Development Studies
  • Certificate in Commerce
  • Certificate in Public Administration
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship